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Brand new pricing program

The ReStore has implemented a new pricing program.  Now, every day, there will be discounts throughout the store up to 75% off.  The percentage off will correspond with the color of the items price tag.  The percentage off will rotate every two weeks on Tuesday.  This new system gives everyone an equal opportunity to get something on sale and a great way for us to move out an ever growing inventory.

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Why Shop ReStore?

  • It's a treasure trove for artists, treasure hunters and antique dealers.
  • You never know what you will find at the ReStore with inventory changing everyday.  

  • Our variety of unique items range from furniture to appliances to cabinetry to building supplies.

  • Discounted prices, providing you with the best deal around.

  • A commitment to your community, as store profits are invested into building decent and affordable Habitat homes for families throughout Loudoun County.

  • Help keep good stuff from ending up in the local landfills. 

  • Fun shopping experience as you search and find that special piece to refinish, recycle and reuse.